Have you ever seen the showrooms floors or five-star restaurant kitchen floors? If not, it is a view worth looking. These floors are simply breathtaking and classy. You can make your garage floor look the same. Garage floors can be made to look their best through coating. Though it might not be in some people’s plans, it is worth every penny spent. Applying the below coatings and ideas protects your garage floor and offers a better look.

• Painting the floor
Painting garage floors is the oldest method of improving your garage’s look. It is also the most popular since it does not require much capital spent on it. One may choose latex floor paint or oil-based paints, each of which has its benefits and disadvantages. Though it is easier to apply and clean up, the latex floor paint is not as durable as the oil-based paints. Also, the oil-based paints offer a glossy finish. However, for the oil-based paint to produce good results, a primer coat must be used. Painting your garage floor lets you choose the color and it is easy to recoat and fix the damaged areas.

• Concrete Sealers
Similar to floor paints but a lot tougher, concrete sealers will give the desired results once applied. The sealers come in solvent based and water based. They are easy to apply. Chemicals from cars are harsh to some sealers such as the acrylic sealer, therefore, should be reapplied after some years.

• Putting mats
Garage floor mats are convenient and provide flexibility. As a homeowner, you choose the type of texture or color of your mat from the vast collection. Rubberized vinyl mats are tough therefore can withstand chemical spills. Garage floor mats also help save cash if one was to relocate since they can be rolled up. It is a good and convenient way to change the look of your garage using mats

• Tiles
With a variety of colors and materials to choose from, tiles have many benefits when used as garage floors. They are easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, stains, oils and impacts. For safety purposes, garage floors have an anti-slip surface. Whether it is the porcelain tiles or the hard interlocking plastic tiles, the results will be outstanding.

• Epoxy
Last but not least, applying an epoxy coating on your garage floor is the best way to style up your garage floor. The epoxy coat is durable, resists harsh chemicals and is easy to clean. Epoxy coating should be applied in multiple coats. It has a variety of finishes and textures and leaves the garage floor glossy and shiny.
There are many ways to better the look of your garage floor starting with the above methods. They are easy DIY ideas, but one can seek professional help for better results